Of course you love your spouse–and your kids too–at least most of the time….BUT, do you really love your marriage? Learn to fall in love with your marriage at Best Marriage Ever, a fun, encouraging and interactive program provided through participating in one of three different marriage enrichment classes, each specialized to enhance your relationship with your spouse. Invest in your relationship and experience the Best Marriage Ever!

The Marriage Enrichment Programs

All three of the marriage enrichment programs offered will be 12 hours in length and will be taught in intimate, supportive small group environments. Couples that register and attend will be randomly assigned to one of the following programs: 

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Art of Marriage

Study together God’s design for marriage, and how the Bible provides a clear vision for strengthening your marriage.

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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Laugh and Learn together as you explore the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships in a lighthearted approach to marriage education.

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Adventures in Marriage

Create the marriage you love by learning together and applying practical communication skills that lead to healthier, happier, and more successful relationships.

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Eligibility Requirements

Live the Life is happy to offer this program free of charge to married couples thanks to a federal Healthy Marriage grant funded by the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. This program is also part of a research study being conducted by The Florida Center for Prevention Research at Florida State University, aimed at examining the impact these marriage enrichment programs are having on marital relationships.

To be eligible for this free marital enrichment class, couples must meet the following requirements:

Note: Although you will be randomly assigned to one of these programs, many participating sites will offer two of the programs twice within one 12-month period, so you may have the opportunity to experience two of the programs FREE of charge!

Be married at the time of the class.

Agree as a couple to be randomly assigned to one of the following marriage enrichment classes: Art of Marriage, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, or Adventures in Marriage.

Agree to take confidential entry and exit surveys and two follow-up surveys.

Benefits to Participants

In addition to experiencing the free marriage enrichment class, couples may earn the following incentives as a thank you for participating:

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If both spouses attend all 12 hours of programming and complete all Entry and Exit surveys, the couple will receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card.

Couples who complete a survey sent 30 days after program completion will receive a $20 Amazon eGift card.*

Couples who complete a survey sent 6 months after program completion will receive a $70 Amazon eGift card.*

*Both spouses must individually complete the survey for the couple to receive these incentives.